About Us

The Center for Marriage, Family, and Life (CMFL) officially launched in July 2012 as an initiative of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. There is not a physical “center” other than the website, but there are diocesan personnel to help identify and establish resources to assist our clergy, pastoral staff persons, and parishioners.

The initiatives that the CMFL undertakes are considered by the diverse body of advisors that make up the Advisory Board. The board also works with several other consultants to work on different initiatives throughout the year.

For the inaugural year, 2012-2013 the board has identified three main priorities:

  • Revise the process for Marriage Preparation by revisiting the current guidelines, creating new mandatory norms for a couples’ preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage, and creating a diocesan-wide program for marriage preparation for parishes without access to one.
  • Begin new initiatives around Marriage Enrichment and Natural Family Planning education.
  • Determine best practices for establishing support groups in parishes and LPAs (i.e. bereavement, separated/widowed/divorced, mental health, disabilities, mothers, single parents, ecumenical families, adoption, infertility, pregnancy resources, elderly care).