Welcome to the Center for Marriage, Family, and Life

In July 2012 the Catholic Diocese of Richmond launched this initiative to provide support for both clergy and the lay faithful through a “center” approach rather than a diocesan office. The hope of the Bishop is that this structure becomes more than an office – it becomes a “center for excellence” in Marriage, Family, and Life for our Diocese.

Through a “center” approach the combined wisdom of various subject matter experts will be coupled with infrastructure relationships and processes that already exist within the Diocesan Pastoral Center structure.


Provide access to important resources to all individuals within the Diocesan footprint who seek physical, spiritual and emotional support to manage through various life transitions and stages.  A particular emphasis is placed on providing tools to strengthen and enrich Catholic and interreligious marriages, various family situations and scenarios, and call particular attention to issues pertaining to the dignity of human life.


The Center for Marriage, Family, and Life is independent of any existing diocesan office and reports to the Vicar for Pastoral Services.  The Center is operated through three main components:

  • Advisory Board:  Comprised of a variety of individuals from various subject domains pertinent to the scope of the center who set the vision and direction of the Center.
  • Diocesan Leadership:  Existing Pastoral Center Professional Staff resources who will facilitate and implement the work of the Advisory Board on a daily basis.
  • Diocesan Infrastructure Support:  Existing Pastoral Center resources (personnel, technology, processes, etc.) that will be led by the diocesan leadership and leveraged to support the day-to-day operations of the Center.